'Cân Werin Ddolen' Text

M I M I C R Y M A N U A L S : Expelling Saline

As a propositional, continued series, 'Mimicry Manuals' was initiated as an exploration into mimicry in nature. Through documented personifications and learned adoption of mimicked processes, this exploration evolved into ritualistic translations of care and intimacy. 'Expelling Saline' was focused on the circular processes of the Rhizophora mangle tree, which has adapted the ability to survive and 'breathe' in and outwith seawater. The following documentation looks at futility through the use of desalination as a means of support; the mimicking of the arched roots' the tidal pooling of the wart-like pores across the roots; and the translations of language into scores, into music, into placement through the 'MÔRADRODD' (SEA RECITAL) and 'Sea Offerings' works.

These mimicked processes and the sharing nature of what a manual might be cross into material collaboration and personal reflection, referencing the ritualistic nature of the tree's process.

Language, translation, harmony, looping, collaboration are referenced fluidly through the use of the Welsh language as a grounding and poetic core.

Date: Sep 2020 - May 2021